Boler Brilliance

If there’s anything we can learn from the 20th century, it’s that trends come and go as quickly as the summer camping season. While the relatively new advent of ‘glamping’ would suggest that campers are looking for a market that offers a hint of elevated luxury, the resurgence of the Boler is out to prove that what’s old is new again, and perhaps even that less is more.

Have you ever been to your grandparents’ and made a quiet wager about how long their Boler – a seemingly smooth, curved pod-like relic of the 60’s – would remain camped out in a state of vacancy on their lawn? Don’t be so quick to dismiss it this season! Bolers recently found a market amongst DIY amateurs and experts alike that exponentially increased their value.

As a result, books offering insight and do-it-yourself projects are becoming available for those wishing to restore and revamp these classic campers. Titles such as, “Vintage Trailer Style” by Lisa Mora and even public communities, such as Pinterest, offer a wealth of projects to help you make the most of your pocket camper.

Besides being a trending icon in the realm of campers, these little egg campers have several other reasons to be stealing the limelight. Firstly, they’re compact; this is an inherent feature that exercises our capacity to be minimalists, which is often a great way to be reminded of and to enjoy the principles of camping. Coupled with the fact that they’re designed to be light, these two features alone make the to-and-from travel less cumbersome and overall kinder to your wallet when it comes to fueling up. Further still, the squeezed style of these minis opens an expanse of site location compatibility. Whereas loftier campers and RV flourish on larger lots, mini campers like the Boler need relatively little room to shine.

Frugal, simplistic, and customizable. If this tagline appeals to the camper in you, consider scooping up a little camper of your own to kick off the 2017 season.

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